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Thoughts on minimal living

I recently watched a documentary about living minimally. The film was not about the need to live in a constricted minimalist box, but instead approached minimalism as a way to reground yourself by clarifying what you hold valuable.

With consumerism being a great driving force in the way we live, watching this film was a great way to reflect on what people see as necessities in today's society. From the lifestyle snapshots of different minimalists, it was refreshing to consider an alternative form of living where we surround ourselves with only people and objects that we find truly meaningful.

Check out more about this documentary here

Other thoughts...

From observation, I have noticed that throughout history people have constantly felt a need to clarify their lives through simplicity. We can even see this in artwork from the Renaissance where citizens from the upper class society commissioned artists to create paintings of pastoral sceneries to glorify the simplicity found in traditional agricultural lifestyle. This makes me think about how we are still currently living through a cycle where we are designing for a vision of simplicity with companies such as MUJI or Apple promoting products that are meant to make their customer's lives straightforward and uncomplicated. Makes me wonder where the fine line is between designing products for the idea of being simple vs. being simple.

I would also like to note that this idea of living minimally is also reflected internationally; with authors such as Marie Kondo writing books on de-cluttering and organizing. Her books is called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, for those who are interested in reading more about simple living.

Vivian Chang