Atoms, Molecules and Organisms

Eames Dot Pattern, Ray Eames

Eames Dot Pattern, Ray Eames

Putting together a design system

Lately, I have been finding myself going back and forth between multiple files and product style guides in my design process. I realized this was too time consuming and decided to look into how I can streamline this workflow.

After a quick search online, I came across Brad Frost's Atomic Design Methodology. This method breaks down interfaces into stages he refers to as atoms, molecules, organisms, templates and pages that can be used as a design system. Using this as my basic framework, I am now experimenting with how to combine Sketch and Craft to save symbols in a design library that can be shared with the rest of my team. 

For me this has been a great way to begin organizing my workflow and a fun read about how we can think about and find patterns in the creative process.

Read more about atomic design here.

Vivian Chang