NYC 2018

View from the High Line

View from the High Line

Taking some time to enjoy other cities 

New York City greeted me with a snow storm + 4 days of sunshine to follow. It was a wonderful trip that included food, shopping, museums and walking through the city with old and new friends.

In this post I wanted to share my trip highlights:

1. Access+ability exhibition
One of the key reasons I was excited about my trip to NYC this year was to see the exhibit on design and accessibility at Cooper Hewitt.

In this exhibit, the museum curated a collection of existing and future technology that explores how we can create and adapt functional products that address a wide range of physical, cognitive and sensory abilities. I really enjoyed my visit because the collection provided opportunities to interact, learn and talk about the technology available at the show.

If you're museum hopping down 5th Ave, this is a good stop to make before the exhibit ends on 9.3.2018. I would also like to recommend an older, but good book called Design meets Disability for those who won't be in town.

2. McNally Jackson Books and Goods for the Study
My friend T shared with me one of her favorite NYC bookstores in SOHO - it's a great space for browsing, listening to talks and taking time to sip on some coffee at the bookstore café. I personally spent most my time looking through their unique collection of stationery.

Which brings me to the discovery of Part II, Goods for the Study. Love at first sight.

If you really enjoy some nice pens, notebooks and other paper goods, I would highly recommend checking out this store. There's also a great spot nearby called Amelie Wine Bar where you can enjoy a drink before ascending to stationery heaven across the street.

3. Golda
A nice local spot in Brooklyn described as a "New-American breakfast & lunch fare with a touch of middle-eastern flavors." This was the first "yum" moment I had in New York during this trip. My favorites were the charcoal latte and spinach/kale muffin.

Vivian Chang