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Fluke Networks : Microscanner Touch

ID Collaboration Project


Microscanner Touch

Fluke Networks Collaboration / 10 weeks

Advisors : Matthew Marzynski
Team : Annie Deng, Miles Miller, Mollie Thompson, Mariko Yoshino
Skills : user research, ideation, concept development, storyboarding, product design

Project : Our class partnered with designers at Fluke Networks to design a collaboration project. The project brief our class was given was to redesign a cable verification tool with the incorporation of smartphone technology to improve the product's usability and functionality.


Students initially began with ideating several concepts of their own in the categories: step, stretch and leap. From multiple rounds of iteration, the class was divided into teams based on 5 final concepts. With teams of 5-6 people, students collaboratively worked together to research and develop their team's concept.



The Microscanner Touch gears technicians for any network diagnostic problem. Physically uniting tool with technician, the Touch leverages modern technology to create a fluid user experience. The wearable concept bridges the gap between technician and solution by expanding the definition of a handheld device.