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Case study / 8 weeks

Skills : user research, ideation, concept development, UX/UI design, prototyping
Project :  Learn UX/UI methodology by going through the process of researching, synthesizing, designing and iterating.

Rx is a case study on how to help regulate medication intake for patients at home.

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Parnassus Café Redesign

Design Innovation and Society / 8weeks

Team : Annie Deng, Eric Freistadt, Christoffer Hart, Ciera Johl
Skills : research, ideation, concept development, CAD
Project : Interdisciplinary student teams were given the task of redesigning a campus café.

Parnassus Gallery and Café is located at the UW School of Art building. Looking to improve the café experience, our team was responsible for improving the queue experience.

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Intro to CAD / 3 weeks

Skills : research, ideation, concept development, CAD, 3D rendering
Project : For our final project in Intro to CAD, students designed a bike of their choice.

Waddle is a buddy for backyard and living room adventures. The bike features fun bumpy handles, removable wheels and a seat that doubles as storage for treasures to be.

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