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SMART Learning Suite

UX/UI Design


SMART Learning Suite

Smart Technologies / 5 months

Role : UX/UI Designer
Skills : site mapping, wireframing, UX design, visual design, prototyping, branding
Team : SMART Education UX Team

Project Description : The SMART Learning Suite is an educational software product that runs on interactive SMART Board displays to facilitate educators in the classroom environment. Looking to welcome a greater circle of educators, the team at SMART Technologies decided to redirect their approach in designing technology for the classroom environment.

Work for SMART Technologies is protected under NDA. Please get in touch to learn more.

UX/UI Design Coherence

From user research conducted by the the team, they discovered that over the years their product had become outdated and bloated with features that obscured the user experience. Working to improve their product, on the team I worked with a lead UX designer to establish the visual and interaction design language for existing and future products within the SMART Learning Suite. 

Visual Design

Starting with the visual design direction of the user interface, my team work on setting the tone of our product. We created mood boards and visual iterations of interfaces focused on K-12 classrooms that was centered on a clean, friendly and approachable aesthetic.

UX Design

From collaborating with multiple product-specific UX teams, we quickly realized that we needed to dive deeper into the user experience to better align the user interactions with the visual design of the product interface.

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Design Iterations

Our process involved cycles of reviewing, designing, prototyping, building and testing.

One of our studies was focused on how to improve navigation within a presentation. The vertical page sorter received the most positive feedback. This concept gave users a simple scrolling experience, a good range of pages to view and optimized the use of space available on the board.


Going Forward

The product launched its beta release in January 2017 at the BETT conference. Users who tested our products at BETT responded positively about the "simple, modern and clean" design of the experience.

For the team, I began developing a UX/UI library and establishing a visual design guideline to help align and streamline the design process. 

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